Ferrari is an Italian car company that makes fast cars. They are made in Italy and are very expensive. They usually cost $150,000 – $1,500,000.

Ferrari has a rich racing history and is a well known premium car brand. The fastest street Ferrari is the F50 GT1, which can go over 370 kph (about 222 mph). The most powerful Ferrari is the FXX, which has about 800 horsepower. The FXX is a lighter, improved version of the F60 Enzo; it is Ferrari’s most exclusive model, which you have to be chosen to own. It is basically a race car that you can buy from Ferrari. The car is so extreme (completely flat tires, low ride height, and no road car safety features such as Airbags) that it cannot be driven on roads legally. Ferrari will keep it for you at their Factory in Maranello in Italy. You can go to Italy and drive it on their private race track, or have it transported to another race track around the world, the same as if you were driving for a racing team


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